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A place for little ones

"The days are long but the years are short.


As a working mother, I truly understand the constant struggle between spending quality time and fulfilling work and personal commitments. I'm just an ordinary mum on a special mission to create an enjoyable playtime experience for families with young children to socialize and simply relax." 

Rainbow patterns

"We wanted something special created to be part of our playroom. We used some of Cherie's (my 4 year old daughter) raw drawings to piece together this pattern to accompany our logo and branding. Made up of rainbows, flowers, the sun, hearts and circles, the pattern depicts the positive, carefree and imaginative thoughts of a child. I hope that this pattern reminds parents to look through the eyes of their children and never lose their sense of wonder. " 

We hope you enjoy our playroom as much as we do. Come say 'Hi' to us!


Choy Yin, Founder of Tots Society &

Mother of Cherie & Rebecca 

Tots Society

464 River Valley Road

Singapore 248349

+65 6721 9757

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