Keeping our playroom clean and safe during COVID-19

Tots Society Safe Management

Dear Parents,


Since April 2020, our playroom was temporarily closed due to the nation-wide fight against COVID-19. It has been a tough time for all small businesses including ours, and it must have been equally challenging for you and your children to stay at home with limited social activities!


We are excited to prepare for the re-opening of our playroom to all our beautiful families. However, we are mindful of the evolving situation and are taking extra precautions to ensure the cleanliness and safety for everyone. High-touch surfaces and toys will be disinfected regularly as possible through the day. Our professional disinfection service by our vendor, SureClean, is scheduled regularly to ensure a clean playroom free of viruses. As we make improvements along the way, please take note of the following for an enjoyable playtime for all: 


1) To minimize risk for all guests, playtime duration is capped at 2 hours per child per day. Extended playtime is charged at $5 per 30 mins if you wish to stay longer. Click here to view our play hours & rates. 


2) To manage safe-distancing, we only allow a maximum of 15 pax* (adults + kids) during each 2 hour time slot. We encourage you to book your playtime online to secure your slot. Walk-in guests may enter provided the capacity is not full within a given time-slot. We reserve the right to decline entry to guests if we have exceeded our playroom capacity. 

*Capacity limits may be changed subject to Government's guidelines.


3) Please wear a face-mask at all times inside the playroom, except during meal-time. Face-shield may be worn by children if they have difficulty wearing a face-mask. 

4) Check-in using our "SafeEntry" QR code at our entrance. Kindly inform us your name if you have made your playtime booking online so that we can also check-in using our system. Contactless payments are preferred. 

5) Our staff will help to sanitise your hands and take your temperature. Please stay at home if you or your child are feeling unwell. 

6) Please bring a pair of clean socks for everyone who is entering. 

7) We seek your co-operation to prevent your child from putting the toys inside their mouth. If toys are soiled, please place them inside our box provided so that we can disinfect them immediately. 

8) All food & drink are strictly to be consumed inside the pantry only. 

9) Please approach our staff if you require disinfecting wipes for your child's hands or to clean soiled toys. 

10) Existing playtime pass holders will automatically extend their validities by 2 months. 

We look forward to having playtime with you soon! 


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